Tawkify was created by E. Jean and Kenneth to get Kenneth a girlfriend. It worked.
Meet the Co-Founders

E. Jean Carroll writes the Ask E. Jean (link) column in Elle magazine. Incredibly it's the longest, currently-running advice column in American publishing. She has six million readers. E. Jean was a writer for Saturday Night Live, a contributing editor to Esquire, Outside, and Playboy. Her TV show on MSNBC was called—what else?—Ask E. Jean. She founded, with her sister, Cande Carroll, the breakthrough dating site, GreatBoyfriends.com (where women recommend their ex-boyfriends to each other) and which has been profiled in The New York Times, Newsweek, Men's Health, etc., and seen on The Today Show, Oprah, CNN, etc.

After two glasses of wine, E. Jean estimates that with her experience, book, Mr. Right, Right Now, coaching site, Dating: E. Jean (link), and YouTube (link) Channel, she has helped more people find enticing mates than any advice columnist in history.

Kenneth Shaw was most recently the principal imagineer at One Kings Lane. He began his career at Microsoft, and moved on to become the bashful firebrand who created My Purity Test, one of the most popular Facebook apps of all time. He also created the Elle magazine Facebook App and Homeslyce.com. He graduated from Stanford in '07—he's a geek, a black belt in Hapkido, and possesses such a sunny disposition he makes a basket of puppies look depressed.

Our Matchmakers are Passionate
Meet the Matchmakers
Julia Armet was born with the art of intuition and a photographic memory. She has the sixth sense for matters of the human heart. A passionate and creative individual, she has a reputation for thinking outside of the box—a perfectionism that serves her (and her clients) well in many realms. One could compare this personalized approach to a Zen master on a quest for ideal balance: She doesn't stop until she gets it right. Opening the line of communication between you and your partner-to-be, she is committed to empowering others and finds ultimate satisfaction in fostering authentic relationships. You write the script, she clarifies the fine print. #JustJuled
Eve Blazo will give you an Affair to Remember. Whether you're Sleepless in Soho or singing "Ain't no Sunshine" down the streets of Cobble Hill, Eve believes your love life should be no less than the rom-com of your dreams. As an Ivy-educated film studies graduate and survivor of fashion's school of hard knocks, Eve thinks of herself as a stylist of the psyche. She approaches matchmaking like a cinematic art. She will ghostwrite you an old school (albeit unorthodox) romance fit for modern times. So with passion, empathy, and imagination in abundance, Eve is on a mission to help your souls mate. She encourages you to be a feeler and to have an open heart--you never know who can make you feel that zsa zsa zsu!
Cynthia Rouf transforms stressful dating lives into lighthearted, fulfilling escapes that empower you to find stronger matches faster. With brainpower previously used for legal analysis, genetics research, and tech startup business development, this dating whiz is eager to collect your data points so she can test, scale, and optimize your love life. She pushes you to fail fast so you can love hard—and have a ball throughout the process.
Alene Boon wants to get you slayed. And she wants to use the internet to do it. As a nerd and a dork, and an occasional geek, Boon didn't get much love at school. It was through her family's Macintosh WGS, and the grace of AIM, that she managed her earliest romantic and sexual interactions. At 19, she started an OkCupid account. Boon was fascinated by the identities she discovered there, and by how different they all seemed IRL. In rapid turns wrenchingly raw and as alienating as a brick wall, this modern love dance enthralls her. Boon now runs her own accounts, a handful of her family and friends' accounts, and a host of accounts she's made for clients. She is in favor of heavy mugs, dirty jokes, face-to-face communication, and honest, useful feedback. She likes to think logically about illogical feelings. Boon is queer-friendly and sex-positive.
Angie Lee realized her passion for shooting cupid arrows after founding her own startup, Polkadotties, getting acquired, and shooting for the stars. She finds it fascinating to analyze all the things on a date that might not work to increase the chances of everything going right, just like how an entrepreneur approaches startups in an iterative fashion. She likes designing dates, where the dates simply have to show up, turn on the charm, and exchange doughy eyed looks at one another. Some say like-minded people go together. Some say opposites attract. She believes good souls attract other good souls. Navigating the world of choosing partners and changing partners can be both confusing and thrilling. Think of her as your own personal GPS for love. She helps you follow your heart.
Evyenia Trembois wants to bring magic, romance, and FUN back into your dating life. Through highly intuitive thought processing and a deep stem of creativity, she seeks to blow your mind by finding you a match that will appeal to you at every single level—and will stop at nothing in order to do so. When it comes to achieving greatness, she believes in stepping both outside of the box and outside of your own comfort zone and will push you to do so throughout the process—but in the most rewarding and exciting ways. Bam. Get ready for an adventure unlike any other.
Christina Han is eager to make you her object of study. She thinks you're fascinating, full stop, simply by virtue of being an individual outside herself. Her mission is to learn you as thoroughly as possible and find your complement. She believes that a happy individual's reality is constructed by and grounded in their relationships with others, and so finds comfort in forging those connections. Why, at opposite ends, wait on false kismet or struggle needlessly to find friendship and love? Finding your match shouldn't feel like an exercise in drudgery, and by the photoshop in her picture she swears to do all in her power to ensure it won't. It's her honor to be your assistant, confidant, and friend.
Carena Liptak believes in finding love and having fun along the way. An Ivy League-educated writer and lifelong music fanatic, she will zero in on what makes you tick--then find somebody who complements your style. Her philosophy is that your quirks are your best assets. Carena will help you embrace your freak flag and seek out somebody who will love it just as much as you do! She's a big fan of dogs, espresso, and any first date that requires a helmet.
Ellora Vilkin wants you to feel more. Finely attuned to the hidden forces that shape human desire --- from cosmic influence to personality archetypes --- she aches to understand what moves you, then connect you with someone who makes you quake. Raised amidst evergreens in the Pacific Northwest, educated at Brown University, and based in San Francisco, Ellora encourages her clients to make dating synonymous with taking smart, playful risks. She'll hold your hand and nudge you towards love, drawing on her background as a classically trained soprano and certified yoga instructor to help you stay open and cultivate confidence while always prioritizing self-care. Ellora wants each date to feel positively lush, a vibrant opportunity to delight and surprise yourself with another. Part-cheerleader, part-changemaker, and part-guru, she'll help you set an intention to make dating part of your personal renaissance.
Libby Loveless has a tender soul and quick wit. Despite her last name, she's a hopeless romantic that believes everyone deserves to experience love. As a free spirit who craves real human connection, she wants to find that for you. With her Southern charm and adventurous spirit, she has lived and traveled all over the world. Her longing for love and culture has taken her to people and places she never thought possible. These experiences have given Libby a sensitivity, passion for new life experiences, and the intuitous ability to see to the soul of a person. Libby hopes to get to know the real you and be your champion for love.
Kira Hoffman is a clinical psychologist who specializes in romantic relationships. Kira's expertise is in the psychology behind love and relationships, the emotional dynamics that underlie attraction and partnership, and what makes love last. She creates and leads "Healthy Relationships" lectures and programs, and she wrote her doctoral dissertation on the subject. Kira currently provides individual and couples psychotherapy services in downtown San Francisco. Despite Kira's professional and academic background, she is not your typical "shrink." She firmly believes that authenticity and humor are far more meaningful- and fun!- than a rigid clinical stance when it comes to connecting with clients. Kira's primary goal is providing a supportive and comfortable environment that will allow you to develop confidence, self-awareness, and personal growth in your journey to self-discovery and finding love.
Katlyn Mary loves to see people smile. She is always on the lookout for what our clients need and goes to great lengths to find it. She scours every available source to find the best matches possible, and aims to create real, sustainable connections. She takes the time to listen, intuit, and diligently search to find your ideal mate--someone who gives you butterflies over and over again.
Madeline Grace is Tawkify's very own Jane Eyre: our Governess turned Love Guru wants to help you find love in NYC. Formerly an orphan in a city where she knew no familiar faces, Madeline overcame being the little fish in the big pond--also known as the island of Manhattan. As a Governess for high-profile families, she has had the opportunity to meet and mingle with some of New York City's finest, observing their various views on the nature of love. She has since been on a passionate search to help others find what they are looking for. With a larger than life personality and a heart to match, Madeline wants to help you sort through all of the city's Mr. and Ms.' Wrongs to help you find your one and only Mr. or Ms. Right.
Valerie Presley is a matchmaking conundrum. She paints, writes, and loves fiction novels - but she bagged a degree in business and excelled at statistics and mathematics. Consider her a romantic at heart who's also all-business. Her mantra? Love wisely, people! At Tawkify, we like to say that "love doesn't have to be complicated," and Valerie likes to remind conflicted clients that there's no virtue in tolerating toxic behavior. She's all for romance, fun and heart-skipping passion, but she's also here to help you find a match who doesn't seem hell-bent on making romantic connection harder than it has to be. Valerie likes to guide her clients into that sweet spot at the center of all healthy relationships where patience, honesty and trust exist in perfect balance with laughter, mutual respect and attraction... and a whole bunch of fun.
Kenzie Lane wants to help you find the one, a.k.a. your Netflix/Grub Hub buddy for life. She believes that a true relationship is based on five key elements: trust, honesty, communication, sexual attraction, and attuned senses of humor. Graduating from Johns Hopkins University and beginning a career in public relations, she's a true people person and a natural listener with intuitiveness for relationship compatibility. Trained in active listening skills, there are few things more satisfying to her than talking someone through a tricky situation or comforting her friends through a love life crisis. She has successfully played wingwoman to her friends in college and now hopes to continue matchmaking in the real world. Feminist, LGBTQ-friendly, adventure-positive, and a believer in human contact over algorithms when it comes to finding love, she can't wait to listen to everything you want and need in a relationship - and help make it come true.
Sierra Janette is a sorceress in the realm of love. A world traveler with a background in psychology and casting, Sierra has an extensive personal network and a knack for reading people. Her goal is to add a little magic to your life by connecting you with individuals who will appreciate you for the dazzling gem that you are. She enjoys getting to know her clients in all their delightful quirkiness so she can hunt down quality matches with just the right vibe. Dating should be an exciting adventure, and she's determined to help you roll into yours with a confident spirit and an open mind. Not only does she provide great dating advice and honest feedback, but she will also push you to take risks and have fun!
Olivia Balsinger is an avid travel blogger and self-proclaimed wanderluster, and she has fallen in love (many times over) with the world and the people who occupy it. Olivia believes that multiple belly laughs, a dose of sexual attraction, a smidge of quirkiness, and a touch of spontaneity combine to create lasting bonds.... bonds that prove the whole "fairytales are made up" thing wrong. Endearingly nicknamed "Oh-Live-It-Up," this Nutmeg-er turned New Yorker will analyze your likes, dislikes, aspirations, and even your past to set you up on creative and engaging dates.
Alison Ogden loves people. Relationships are her primary motivation in life and connecting people is one of her greatest pleasures. She believes that relationships are a mirror, and through others, we learn more about ourselves. Her personal philosophy is that with more connection comes more vitality, so she aims to make your dating life a playground of possibility to complement your already charmed life. With her background as a life coach, along with her finely tuned intuition, she listens for what you really want, and then, using her particular brand of vivacity and verve, creates experiences you won't soon forget.
Amaris Kay takes a more analytical approach to matchmaking so that you don't have to. By drawing from her professional experience as a management consultant and personal strengths cultivating, building, and sustaining connections, she has developed a keen eye for finding you the perfect match.
Kristin Klein, Master Investigator at your service! Kristin is a ninja when it comes to finding specifically sought after individuals and developing relationships with them. Researching and understanding the many depths into people are her passions. She gets beyond the surface level quickly and can't wait to put her natural curiosity and impeccable networking skills to work for you. She's also very seasoned in the dating landscape and looks forward to coaching you throughout the process.
Jane Stetz hopes you like to talk because she loves to listen. Her training began on her great-grandmother's couch watching soap operas and reading Danielle Steele novels. As she got older, she learned real life dating and romance were a little different. Since then, she's lived and worked on both coasts, moving back to NYC after choosing the love of her life over a life on the beach. For Jane, every client is a friend. With a mix of love, loyalty, humor and a heavy dose of girl talk, she'll learn what makes you tick and help you find the match that clicks.
Valerie Hsiung believes that the process of finding your soulmate(s) should be wild, atomic, healing, mind-blowing, safe, and explorative, all at once. Crafting an effortless love affair as epic as Heloise and Abelard or Dante and Beatrice is simply a part of her blood. A widely-published poet and writer who grew up in a fly-over city in Ohio, her childhood pastimes included: acting in real-life choose-your-own-adventures in the woods, going on roller-coasters at the amusement park, and renting movies from Blockbuster. Watching and re-watching the classic cellophane stories of Bogie and Bacall, Hepburn and Tracy, and Garbo and Taylor, at such formative years, gave Valerie the intuition for identifying soul-connection and the ability to forecast scenarios. An unrelenting secret agent of love, Valerie is always on the hunt to find your most compatible match!
Amelia Evans is a country music artist from Franklin Creek, MS as well as a U.S. Coast Guard Machinery Technician Veteran. She recorded her first single in 2011, a demo in 2012 and an album in 2013. The album was named No Pony Ride in honor of her horse that was sold to afford recording fees. In 2016, she released another single titled "Hard Headed Mama." Prior to joining the military, she grew up on a farm and aspired to follow in the footsteps of her cousin, Elvis Presley. Amelia is now married, has a son and a daughter on the way, along with three spoiled dogs!
Marianne Abbott wants to make every moment in life more cinematic. She wants life and love to take your breath away. A hopeless romantic and avid cinephile, Marianne spent her childhood in Guatemala City hiding in her room, watching rom-coms. Since leaving Guatemala, she has lived her own affairs to remember in Paris and New York. An adventurer, a storyteller and a true love detective, she will find the Bonnie to your Clyde, the Samantha to your Theodore, the Carol to your Therese.
Lisa Carey is an adventure seeking, laugh hearty, stretch-that-comfort-zone kind of gal. With a no holds barred attitude, Lisa wants to inspire and energize her clients to live life openly to their full potential. She believes opportunities are presented to us on a daily basis, but we have to be present in the moment to receive them. Through her expertise and training as a Professional Life Coach, Lisa has cultivated an uncanny ability to intuitively connect with diverse clients on a deeper level. You can rest easy knowing she is your gal Friday, keeping your best interest at heart. All she asks is that you come ready to play to your fullest.
Liana Afuni is a result-driven optimist who believes anything can be achieved with patience, persistence, fun...and risk taking! She finds pleasure in meeting people and is fascinated by the unique stories each and every human has to offer. With a passion for understanding human behavior combined with her compassion, nothing thrills her more than to help others find their joy! As a Civil Engineer turned Actor and Matchmaker, Liana is often asked, "What's the common denominator between the three?" Her logical response: "They all build bridges." And what does it take to build a bridge? Why, teamwork, of course...and perhaps a sense of humor! So let's begin this journey together with an open mind and willingness to say "yes!"
Meg McCabe is sunshine in the human form. With a spirit that's always beaming, she has a way of transforming any moment into one of excitement, joy and warmth. As a Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and hypnotherapist, Meg is trained to peel away your layers and get to the core of your most authentic self. She fell in love with love while studying intensively under two of NYC's top relationship coaches, knowledge which she incorporates into her daily matchmaking. Her recipe for falling in love is a mixture of silliness, intrigue, vulnerability and attraction. If you want a match that nourishes your soul and sparks your heart, Meg will deliver.
Melody Kiersz started asking questions as soon as she learned her first words. Naturally, this insatiable curiosity led her to create her own course of study on "Happiness" at NYU's Gallatin School. Melody became a life coach and traveled the world seeking answers to the most basic question: what makes people tick? Her conclusion: Life is an adventure and the best way to enjoy it is to love, share experiences, and have as much fun as possible along the way! Melody uses her background to boost your confidence and sexiness factor as she gets to know you better than you know yourself. She will work her intuitive magic and creativity to find your match and curate experiences where both of you feel free to be your full authentic selves.
Sabrina Yudelson will be your guide on a quest to find romance, powerful and pure. With her infectious joie de vivre and potpourri of experiences, Sabrina has an insatiable passion for the human condition. She infuses this passion into her work in both matchmaking and public relations. Equal parts optimist and realist, Sabrina is an anthropologist at heart. She can't wait to partner with you for a journey that will embolden and empower you!
Katie Naymon could listen to you for hours. Trained in active listening skills, Katie believes that vulnerability is key to allowing oneself to fall in love. Her approach to matchmaking is to listen with honesty and empathy, accompanying people on a journey toward a connection--with gentle guidance along the way. While a Midwestern girl at heart, Katie is now based in Boston as a writer and editor.
Gaby Aratow believes everyone is on a cosmic path and that you are a unique, beautiful piece of stardust. On her own voyage, she has gathered two Ivy League degrees and a professional background that ranges from stockbroker to talent manager to interior designer. She is also an international travel junkie, an award-winning writer, and a Project Runway fanatic! Gaby crafts matches to get the cosmic juices flowing. Her dates aim to feel exploratory and soul-satisfying, and her commitment is to lead you in a growth-oriented adventure.
Alyssa Bunn is a connector of dots. Full of insatiable curiosity, wit, and intellectual depth, she inspires you to take off your "mask" and dig deeper to understand your more authentic self. She instinctually understands how to help you discover and design the life of your dreams. Having been the head of talent acquisition at one of the top advertising agencies in the US, Alyssa deeply understands the core principles of matchmaking and human dynamics. Through her warmth and unwavering support, you'll too believe that love ignites when you master yourself then become the magnet.
Emma Richman believes love is the most significant driving force on this planet. Upon being introduced to Spanish literature as an adolescent, she developed a fascination with timeless romance and multitude of ways in which we communicate love. However, it was through honing a professional background as a recruiter where Emma realized her skill in connecting people could seamlessly be used to match-make. Emma combines her empathetic nature and social sensibility to assist in finding a magnetic spark between humans. If she can make your face light up every time you see each other, her mission is accomplished!
Emily Tepper is a love guide of a completely different sort. She believes that ritualizing your dating life is the easiest, quickest, and most pleasurable gift you can give yourself. Emily is the founder of ReceveEverything — A Journey with the Love Sherpa (no "i" because we revitalize that part!). This online training series gives you a step-by-step road map to ritualizing your entire life and getting what you want most. Emily gently and expertly leads you into living a limitless life where you can experience love — all around you, all the time.
Kimia Mansoor doesn't let situations get weird. An innate insight into what drives and motivates people has earned her the affectionate title of "Wiz," and you'll never find nervous darting eyes or awkward silences in situations she has a hand in. After receiving her bachelor's degree in Psychology from UC Irvine, Kimia travelled north to the Bay Area, where she's now completing her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. In addition to her schooling, she spends time providing thoughtful and empathetic support to clients in her clinical practice and participating on a local podcast about dating in the city! She dedicates her free time to analyzing, hip-hop dancing in heels, and making connections.
Lindsay E. has been doling out dating advice to friends and colleagues for years, and even spent time ghostwriting a column about sex and relationships for a major men's magazine. She's the kind of girl who people turn to for the honest truth. Lindsay is as real as it gets and takes a no-nonsense approach to matchmaking — but she also believes that the dating process should be fun above all else. Her personal mantra? "Do it for the story." She's confident that you'll walk away from your Tawkify experience with plenty of them ... and a special person to start a new chapter with.
Alisha Giordano will have you at "Aloha." Coming from the world of Hawaiian hospitality, Alisha has learned a thing or two about providing excellent customer service. Additionally, as an Army wife, Alisha has learned to be resourceful in a world that is ever-changing. Having recently moved to Missouri, she devotes her time to her crafts: teaching and matchmaking. Connecting with people is a passion of hers, and she is always there to lend an ear. Dedicated to working with you to find love on this fun filled adventure, Alisha will help you let go of your inhibitions ... and get a little silly along the way!
Theresa Serrian is passionate about connecting individuals, from artistic collaborations to setting up life-long romantic partnerships. She is a music fanatic, wine connoisseur, and travel addict. Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, she now is a freelancer based in Brooklyn, NY. She has written plays, screenplays, lyrics, poetry, and by night can be found seeing DJs spin or bands perform whenever she can. She understands and empathizes with the struggle of meeting, trusting, and dating genuine people but believes there is someone for everyone and wants to help you find your match. Naturally an old soul, her soul grew wiser after several heartbreaks but is now in the most fulfilling relationship of her life by keeping herself open and sensitive. She is perceptive, respectful, and excited to get to know you and curate fun, stimulating dates that fit your unique taste.
Vara Pikor is energized by the pursuit of love. Whether she's strolling the High Line or engaging in conversation at a networking dinner, she is on a quest to find compatibility. Vara is recognized for her versatility, balancing her career in the corporate sector with her matchmaking. She has fostered strong connections through her years in the Big Apple, and she's driven to crack the code of the human heart. After all, true love is best shared!
Nneya Richards is a Jane-of-All-Trades. With a background in fashion and travel and being a multi-passport-holding global citizen, Nneya currently runs Double N Rich Creative Consulting agency. Her passion for cultural explorations led Nneya to launch the blog "'N A Perfect World," a curated intersection of travel, food, fashion, and geopolitics inspired by the global citizen lifestyle of the millennial. An avid lover of love, Nneya believes romance can be found from coffee on a stoop in Brooklyn to martinis in a jazz bar in Paris. She is a strong believer in the dating experience and looks forward to sharing her own personal joie de vivre with you.
Corinne Dobbas is a coach, writer, yogi, and the best friend you never knew you had. Most importantly, she cares about you: your journey, your process. your desires, your insights, your fears - and heck - even your insecurities. She's here to get you up and out of your shell and dating with an open mind — the only time you can ever find real true love. She has an innate ability to see through you and delve deep to help you discover what it is you're truly looking for in your ever after. She's empathetic and compassionate but will deliver you the real-deal truth. Your romantic journey will be transformed from the inside-out.
Amy De Souza discovers the characters in people. As a casting director for over fifteen years, she has perfected the art of screening and matching people. Her greatest role: being a connector for different types of people professionally, socially, and romantically. Amy is outgoing, inquisitive, a good listener, and excellent at getting down to the heart of things. Consider Amy a valuable asset to the production that is your love life.
Kristina Cappuccilli can't seem to fall out of love with the idea of love. When you couple her incessant thirst for travel, her tendency to befriend strangers wherever she goes, and her mantra that each day is a new adventure to embark on, it should come as no surprise that her priority, quite simply, is you. As a born and bred New Yorker, Kristina has spent most of her career interacting and communicating with people. People inspire her through their backgrounds and experiences, their trials and triumphs, the realization that everyone, everywhere, has a story. She considers it a blessing to learn something new, something inspiring. And that's what she wants her career to do — give people a reason to wake up every day and be inspired.
Kristen Grund believes in the magic of making connections and finding love. She has made it her mission to assist you in finding that special someone, one date at a time. As a U.S. Navy Veteran and Independent Film Actress, she is a natural with problem solving and a world-class facilitator of beautiful moments. Kristen's motto: "Let me take the stress away, so the BEST you can play!" Her enthusiastic and quick-witted persona will keep your nerves at ease, while enabling this journey to be a fun-filled experience. With a keen sense of people and extreme passion for helping others, let Kristen take the helm and carefully navigate your heart to true happiness!
Laura Martin is a people reader. As a native New Yorker, she appreciates the endless array of different personalities she comes across in her daily work. Her career as an executive recruiter has helped her to identify motivations. Applying this to romance, Laura digs deep to find the emotional root responsible for every action and reaction in your dating life. She wants to uncover your motivations-- conscious and subconscious--- to help paint a picture of who you are and what you want in a partner. Let Laura be your love recruiter!
Stephanie Grabor is a small-town girl with a persistence to see the world and meet everyone in it. Once a Logistics Officer in the Marine Corps, she now is using her skills to analyze your likes, dislikes and deepest desires. Stephanie believes a mix of spontaneity, lazy nights and good conversation can create the most meaningful connections needed for lasting relationships. With patience and determination, Stephanie won't give up on love. You can rest-assured!
Robyn Lane has built a career on fostering interpersonal relationships. Through working one-on-one as a teacher, doula, and private chef for many years, she recognizes that establishing trust is fundamental to creating long-lasting partnerships. Robyn has always cared about meeting people's needs by listening, guiding, and nurturing. Having two grown daughters and a son, she is able to relate to people of all ages and life experiences. Robyn sees universal elements to romantic love: a desire to make someone happy, physical attraction, willingness to compromise, and unconditional friendship. She hopes to take you through this journey as a both a guide and a friend.
Jaime Clough is your love mentor. As a matchmaker and a Teach For America alumna, Jaime is a pro at exercising patience and enthusiasm in her daily life. She will encourage you and support you through every step of your dating process, in order to find someone compatible for you. She is a no-nonsense nurturer: kind, yet brutally honest and determined. Jaime's personal dating mantra? You miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take. Her ability to coordinate and motivate will help you have the best possible experience!
Giselle Teston believes everyone has a "someone to love" out there. A human biology major and former dance teacher, she combines her analytical left brain and creative right brain in the art of matchmaking. Originally from New York City and now a Colorado resident, she knows how to hustle but can also step back to soak in life's beautiful moments. When she followed her heart to gorgeous Denver to pursue new opportunities with the love of her life, she has manifested joy in both her personal and professional worlds. Giselle cannot wait to learn your ins and outs to help you find your deepest, most authentic connections...and have fun while you're at it!
Cora Boyd hails from the melting pot of culture that is New Orleans and fuses her writing and comedy background with her gypsy spirit to understand your story and help you take risks that pay off. Insatiably fascinated with human dynamics, Cora has lived and worked in five different countries and brings a global perspective to the world of love and desire. She believes that meaningful relationships are among the greatest adventures a person can have, and she's here to help you pack your suitcase. Cora enjoys off color humor, memoirs, poor quality reggaeton music, and high quality Belgian IPAs.
Megan Munoz is a relator. Driven by her strong curiosity and genuine love of deepening relationships, she easily connects with others on a personal level. Coming from a hospitality background, her motivation stems from creating positive and uplifting experiences for others. She believes persistence goes a long way and enjoys arranging different variables in an ever changing world. Continuously traveling and exploring new passions allows her to satisfy her craving to learn different cultures, see new places, and meet new people along the way. Additionally, she feels gratification from delightfully surprising others with happiness, fun, and joy in their lives — hoping to surprise as a matchmaker.
Lily Womble is tenacious, enthusiastic, and sure of finding your soulmate-level match. Hailing from the deep south and fluent in French, musical theatre, and international relations, she is a woman addicted to learning and creating. Her career as a professional advocate with nonprofits has taken her around the globe, from Cameroon to Malaysia and back. Lily has made fighting for the interests of others her life's mission and is thrilled to apply that passion to your dating life. She is a wizard at unpacking your desires and will work tirelessly to help you find the love you crave.
Marina Brenner believes that finding your ideal match should be a thrilling and seamless experience involving a little dash of magic. Her empathic nature and tender soul allows her to approach matchmaking with a mixture of compassion, intuition, loyalty, and humor. Marina comes to matchmaking via a career in sales, marketing, and social media and a personal understanding of the varied life permutations of mid-career individuals — kids, exes, and all the extra flavor they add to our lives. A native Californian and beach girl, endless summers inspired her to dream big and live happy. She's excited and ready to inspire you to find happiness in love.
Melissa Scatena is a love connoisseur with a sincere passion for fostering relationships and changing lives. Her experience teaching, coaching, and connecting with people around the world has given her a unique perspective on life and love. Melissa sees matchmaking as an art, crafting dates with diligence and creativity. She recognizes the importance of setting the stage for a real world date, a moment often missed out on because you swiped left. Melissa isn't afraid to dig deep, so that she can find the unique soul that will truly appreciate you, for you. Melissa's approach to relationship-building is refreshing and will help you to see your love life from a new vantage point.
Sarah Horton loves spontaneity. This thrill has inspired in her a love of traveling and speaking foreign languages, most recently finding herself in South America. Her diverse experiences abroad, making connections and developing relationships between different people, make her a natural matchmaker. Sarah currently works at an NGO and is driven by making a positive social impact. She is excited to help you try new things, always challenging you to take a step outside your comfort zone. You'll never know what you'll discover!
Lesa Brothers is that person you find yourself telling your life story to and then thinking, "I didn't mean to say all that, but I'm glad I did!" A great listener, she has a nurturing soul and is energized by helping people. On the other hand, she is a fiery plain talker who has personally learned that life's biggest surprises bring opportunity. Even negative change can open the door to beautiful possibilities. She believes the key to success is personal relationships and a willingness to be upfront and honest with oneself. Lesa is fascinated by learning what makes people tick and uses that insight, along with her personal flair for romance, to make thoughtful and exciting matches. Get ready to take some risks, open your heart, and have fun!
Alexis Sonder is a hopeless romantic who loves her fair share of chick flicks. In fact, once upon a time, she called Paris - the City of Love - her home. Bilingual in French and English, Alexis has a broad range of experience personally and professionally. She has been in the client service industry for over 20 years, working with world class luxury brands and Fortune 500 companies in sales and recruiting. Her passion lies in creating authentic connections and delivering personalized experiences. She takes the time to listen, empathize, and obsessively search to find Mr. or Mrs. Right for you!
Marisha Dixon coordinates collaborations and creative experiences that propel others to success. With experience as a Division I, collegiate level athlete, a Master's in Educational Leadership, and a number of professional roles within education, Ms. Marisha has dedicated her life to motivating and mobilizing others to achieve their goals. She believes that self-love begets authenticity, and authenticity inevitably allows one to attract genuine people and fulfilling experiences. Ms. Marisha is on a mission to ensure that you fall in love with all that makes you your authentic self, so that you are magnetic in love and life.
Roxi Lagos is a lifelong romantic with a penchant for planning. A native Texan, Roxi moved to California in 2003 with the United States Marines. Now a veteran, Roxi is a mother of three accustomed to the challenges of dating. She is a pro when it comes to fitting dates into a jam-packed schedule and takes a balanced approach to matchmaking. Pairing the ying and yang, she's looking for someone who will complement you in ways you may have never expected when choosing dates on your own. Committed, optimistic, and resilient, Roxi has your back as your dating concierge.
Caylin White is a born creative and a hopeless romantic with a love story of her own. Hailing from Michigan, she met the love of her life. Flash forward 12 years, when the timing was right, they embarked to create a peachy life in Georgia. Easy to be around and to laugh with, Caylin just plain loves people. Some of her favorite things include her newlywed husband, her rescue puppy Sophie, a good book, and even better conversation. She will find the beautiful side of you and shine that light out for the world to see ... and have a blast doing it. Adventure is her middle name, so get ready for a creative ride!
Jennifer Barriffe is a believer in true love. She knows from her own experience that you can stumble into opportunity unexpectedly: She met her husband at Applebee's! Fueled by her desire to change lives, Jennifer has built a career in client services and embraces all sorts of personality types. She operates on the principles of patience and kindness, passing on these golden qualities to those she impacts in her daily life. Currently, she works as a matchmaker and realtor, i.e. she can help you find love and the house that you will both love. Get ready for some mystery dates and open houses!
Rachel Kania is a lover of life with a deep passion for bringing people together. At one time a political operative from Washington, D.C., Rachel now lives in Austin, TX, where she loves hiking outdoors with her dog and eating breakfast tacos. Rachel understands that values and lifestyle are two important pieces when looking for the right match. Nothing is more thrilling to her than creating a mutual attraction. Always up for a good time and a laugh, Rachel will make sure your matchmaking experience is exciting and most of all fun. She's ready to campaign for your right match!
Lauren Korshak is the alchemist of your dating life. Her background as a somatic psychotherapist gives her an ability to analyze, empathize, and intuit. Combined with her expertise in singles events, date coaching, and marketing, she brings an authentic and interdisciplinary approach to matchmaking. Lauren believes in the energetics, magnetism, and magic of love and relationships — even bringing archetypes and astrology into the mix when the stars align. She is motivated to create heartfelt matches that inspire, transform, and heal. Just bring an open mind, an open heart, and a sense of adventure, and you'll be golden.
Celine Song is a people person. People are her drug of choice, and she wants to know what makes you tick, vibrate, and light up like a Christmas tree. She believes that love should be obvious, clear, and irresistible. An Ivy-educated working playwright living in New York, she uses her background in psychology and philosophy to be there for you in the journey of finding your partner-in-crime, your comrade-in-arms: the Bogart to your Bacall, the Kim to your Yeezy, the Trudeau to your Obama. Her philosophy of matchmaking draws from the psychologist Erich Fromm's The Art of Loving which suggests that "love is an activity, not a passive affect; it is a 'standing in', not a 'falling for.'" As for her own experience with love, Celine is in love with her husband, whom she met at an artist's residency and talked to for eight days straight, stopping only for their first kiss. As your love pioneer, Celine wants to start a conversation with you, working together to find you someone you can talk to all day and night. And she wants to hear about the kissing, too.
Genna Mori is a big believer that our flaws make us fabulous. Her philosophy is to embrace who you are, and you will be a magnet to others. An experienced life coach specializing in helping others to love themselves, she wants you to feel a sense of ease and joy in your dating life. Through allowing you to relinquish expectations, she strives to build more satisfying and connected interactions. Genna will make your dating experience a joyride: exciting, adventurous, and most of all, filled with fun and laughter.
Leigh Winters knows a thing or two about love and behavior. An Ivy League graduate holding degrees in clinical psychology and neuroscience, Leigh is a neuropsychology expert who has lived around the world. She believes that diving deep into the soul and heart can provide the foundation for everlasting happiness. People come into your life for a reason, and these soul connections can have transformative effects. Leigh is passionate about helping people keep an open mind about love and life, so be sure to check out her media lifestyle brand, Wise + Well.
Catherine Broadbent is your personal cheerleader in the game called "love." A New England-bred, New York City transplant, Catherine has experienced the dating cultures of both cities, recognizing the importance of prepping from the inside out. With a background as a fashion executive, she can provide on-trend fashion advice so that you emerge invincible. This Chatty Cathy has an infectious spirit and knows just how to pep you up before your first dates. Get ready to dive into today's dynamic dating pool feeling and looking fabulous.
Laurel Adair is a jet-setting yogi with a keen interest in human interaction. Fascinated by what makes relationships tick, Laurel is invested in bringing love and fun into your world. Though originally from Arizona, her wanderlust has led her to teach and observe many people over the globe. She believes in the little things: the magic of uncontrollable laughter, spontaneous affection, treasuring the present moment, dad jokes, good coffee and whisky, smiling like you take the gold medal, and never giving up. Consider Laurel your own personal wingwoman: She will sort through the details to find you great company, provide honest feedback, and hopefully lead you to truly memorable experiences.
Pamela Jacobs believes life is a journey best explored with a partner. As a travel writer, her mission is to help people fall in love with the world and find their perfect passport stamp. Taking the same approach to matchmaking, she knows that sometimes a compass is all you need to find your other half. Pamela wants to show you that seeking love can be spectacular, especially with the right tour guide. Pamela seeks to know all about you, bringing intrinsic empathy and a desire to make this a rewarding, laughter-filled adventure. While happily-ever-after is her end goal, the voyage toward it will be just as riveting.
Mandy Foster is a dreamer and storyteller. A Texas girl through and through who currently resides in Los Angeles, Mandy is a friendly face you can turn to for anything. She is passionate about helping you write a unique love story, and she uses her background in the arts to fine-tune the narrative. Ultimately, her goal is to learn about what makes you authentically you and improve your dating life by taking the stress out of it. She'll be sure to craft an exhilarating experience that'll leave you with that giddy "can't-stop-smiling" feeling you get when you've found something special.
Becca Feld is your go-to confidant. She is loyal, levelheaded, and a lighthearted listener. Becca comes with expertise in psychology and math so she knows what will make your heart flutter and how to solve the equation for love. She believes life is a gift that should be shared with someone special and wants to find your other half! With patience, persistence, and passion, Becca will search high and low for someone who will lift you off your feet. This avid traveler loves an adventure and she's here to guide you on your exciting romantic journey!
Sophy Singer is the "go-to" girl for anything dating-related. In her search for love, she developed her own dating strategy — which ultimately led her to to her last first date with her husband, Michael. Part matchmaker, part date coach, she hopes to inspire your faith in dating and reinvigorate your social calendar. Dating is not as daunting as you think, and in the end, it's all worth it. Her relatable, honest, and personable nature will be a grounding force in the course of this journey. Whatever crossroads you are at, she's ready to navigate with you!
Emily Lorin wholeheartedly believes dating should be a playful process spurred by curiosity. While many unique experiences have brought you to this point in your dating life, she wants this adventure to be positive and fun moving forward! Emily's #1 priority is uncovering each person's most authentic and joyful self while bringing true connection into their lives. And thanks to her Master's in Marriage and Family Therapy, Emily has the tools to make that happen. Simply put, Emily adores people — completely, enthusiastically, and unabashedly. When you combine her skills with your love life, magic happens!
Rachel Ryan is a native New Yorker, a world traveler, and above all else, a true people person. With a background in advertising and marketing, she has mastered the nuances of communication strategy and target research — skills that serve her well in her daily matchmaking pursuits. Rachel is passionate about meeting new people, hearing their stories, and bringing together like-minded individuals. She brings compassion, positivity, and authenticity to her interactions and firmly believes that dating is all about the journey. Rachel will make your journey fun, memorable, and worthwhile.
Lauren Bernal is a creative octopus. She's been an opera singer, an art director, a copywriter, a calligrapher, a comedian, a ghostwriter, a traveler, and now a matchmaker. With this variety of artistic roles and contexts to pull from, Lauren views herself as a careful artisan in crafting your ideal love life. Her globetrotting ways expand her network every day, and her passion for meeting and connecting people gives her the ultimate sense of meaning within the world.
Alix Tillett sees love as the fuel to our daily lives. With a background in philanthropy and wellness, Alix has a life mission to share love onto others, doing so through her charity work, her acai business, and her matchmaking. Always there with a smile, Alix emanates warmth, wisdom, and light. She works diligently to create more connections and happiness each day, creating hope in the lives of those she meets. She has travelled the world, making her a viable matchmaker for connections in the most random places. You will find great comfort confiding in her: Not only will you feel the love, but you'll find it as well.
Dana Ward is an adventurous spirit with a love of meeting new people. Her adventures have taken her across the globe, from Cameroon to South Korea, forming connections and building relationships no matter where in the world. Currently residing in Chicago, Dana sees love as the most enigmatic adventure of all. Whether working with you over video or in person, she entails her strategic expertise to discover, explore, and uncover the depths of each client. Dana promises to bring her positivity, humor, and Chicago Cubs-like dedication while guiding you on your romantic endeavor.
Katie Cyr is curious about people. She's eager to hear your story, so here's hers to start. Katie was born and raised in Maine, with her adventures leading her to the Big Apple and later down to sunny Florida. Along the way, she has met people from all walks of life and grown very adept at uncovering the uniqueness of each character. Katie has a knack for honoring your authentic qualities, doing so through exploring the qualities that compliment you well. She believes that great learnings come through the process of dating. So take a leap of faith, and have confidence that the journey will definitely be worth the risk.
Candice Cain is one of the most driven and determined women that you will ever meet. A native Long Islander, Candy is one of the few female writer/directors in the entertainment industry. During a five year hiatus she took to raise her twins, Candy worked as a destination wedding planner and was number one in the world in 2009, 2010, and 2011, and even had a television series about it, entitled "Wedding Lane with Candy Cain." She has been married to her police officer husband since 2005, and firmly believes that everyone deserves a happy ending.
Chelsea Hutchison is a believer! Her philosophy: When your intentions are clear and you are open to possibilities, love is right around the corner. Having met her husband online, Chelsea knows firsthand the importance of defining expectations. Chelsea gets to the heart of the matter to figure out your priorities in life. She and her husband are blessed to be new parents, a priority they both have wanted since they got together. And thanks to her special instinct for making love connections, she's ready to help you manifest your love story.
Kate Stewart is here to make dating work for you. This DC girl turned Seattleite was tired of seeing her friends lose confidence due to terrible dates with people who were not in it for the right reasons. When she began setting friends up on blind dates, she became addicted to helping people find love. Kate combines her experience working in the healthcare field, her learnings from past romantic encounters, and her empathetic abilities to understand your perspective and grow with you. She wants to capture what it is you are missing and bring back that spark in your life. Her philosophy is simple: You only live once.
Regina Longo is passionate about making a significant impact in the lives of others. With degrees in psychology and sociology, Regina has devoted her career to building genuine relationships in diverse capacities, from selling luxury products to providing wellness services. She found her niche as a transformational life coach and Power Vinyasa Yoga teacher. It is her life's mission to help people transform into their best selves. Through her authentic, intuitive instinct, she has a natural gift for making love connections. Are you ready to manifest yours?
Sherrie Adams believes with passion and communication, anything is possible. With over 15 years in the creative arts and wellness industry, she brings creativity with an eye toward practicality to her matchmaking. Sherrie's intuitive spirit, curiosity, and expansive wisdom illuminate her matchmaking. Through active listening and building deep connections, Sherrie provides endless possibilities for extraordinary encounters, revelations, and connections of the heart. She can't wait to go on this beautiful journey of discovery and wonderment with you.
Judi Longo is an empathic artist who draws upon joy and compassion to connect people. Her creativity emerged as a young child, a talent that has produced a meaningful career. After studying design at one of the top art schools in the country, she quickly rose to design director status in the New York City fashion industry. Her job brought her all over the world, building bonds with people from many different cultures. Those who know her treasure her insight in style, life, and love. Her creative mindset colors every connection she makes in matchmaking, and with her brush of intuition, she'd love to assist in painting your future.
Jacqueline Fidelman is ready to dive deep with you. Pursuing her master's in clinical psychology with expertise in relationship dynamics and laws of attraction, she enjoys using her skills to help two people find love. Jacqueline will help you foster self-awareness and insight into understanding your dating wants. Combine that with her street smarts as a born-and-raised New Yorker, you can bet she'll select great date spots around town. She's excited to plan your next date!
Cynthia Bruck has always been fascinated by the most powerful energy known in the universe: love. As a television producer and director with four dating shows under her belt, she knows a thing or two about chemistry. Taking her strong work ethic, genuine love of human connection, and high energy attitude, Cynthia discovered matchmaking as a sweet spot in her life. She uses her keen intuition and her ability to immediately connect with people to create a magical encounter that will leave you with no choice but to sit back, be yourself, and enjoy the ride. Inquisitive and passionate by nature, she aims to build a foundation of trust, intention, and most importantly, fun with all her clients. As your dating director, Cynthia is steadfast in the pursuit of love.
Deepali Gupta knows that you contain multitudes — and she wouldn't have it any other way. She believes that love should inspire you from all angles, whether you're a hopeless romantic, relentless pragmatist, or both! Educated at Brown University, Deepali now lives in New York, where she works as a composer-lyricist. She may write love songs, but she knows that real life can be a little more complicated. Deepali's style of matchmaking is all about harmony, balance, and finding you a counterpart who completes you. She wants to get to know you even better than you know yourself and put that knowledge to work for you. Endlessly curious, passionate, and empathetic, Deepali will set the scene for you and your soulmate to make beautiful music together.
Justine Luzzi is a multi-passionate, creative, and free-spirited New Yorker. After building a successful career in corporate strategy, she recently embarked on her own entrepreneurial journey as an intuitive life and digital strategist. Her mission is to help women empower their intuition around passion projects and utilize that power in digital entrepreneurship. Gifted with being intuitive and empathetic, she makes a fabulous matchmaker and life coach in one. With a strong faith in the higher power of love, she's sensitive in her approach. Your feelings, values, and needs will be her map ... so let her inner compass guide you!
Cara B. knows how to read between the lines. As a fiction writer, Cara understands that words determine your compatibility, but attraction and connection comes from the way you occupy space: a gesture, a blush, a certain way of laughing. Cara believes the right person will charm you and be charmed by you, just as you are. She is deeply empathetic and uses her teaching background to keep you cool, collected, and informed as she guides you through your dating experience. Dating should be fun (and sometimes funny), and Cara's perspective and humor will keep you smiling and relaxed. In her free time, Cara enjoys urban wandering, laughing at her own puns, and pretending she likes to cook.
Anna Laube is a lover of love and intuitive by nature. With a background in art and technology, Anna blends the ancient with the cutting edge. She believes that the road to a fulfilling relationship is paved with the stones of discovery, kindness, and self-knowing. Happily settled on the West Coast, she has collected kernels of wisdom from the many people she's met on her travels around the world. As we say at Tawkify, "Love doesn't have to be complicated," but it can be a surprise! Anna will help you find magic, truth, and joy on your love adventure.
Kerri Cohen is your tour guide through the sometimes bumpy road of dating. She'll bring an authentic mix of old school values and new age swag to guide you along the way. We all know love is the root to being truly happy, and she's here to find you just that. With a background in psychology and counseling, Kerri embraces individuality and enjoys making people feel at ease. Building confidence is one of her many secrets to making great matches, along with her strongest asset, her romantic intuition. After all, who you are on paper does not truly convey who you are. Kerri will read between the lines, digging deep to find what keeps you wanting more.
Dorothy Stover lives for love. With over a decade's experience helping those in love and their relationships, her focus is bringing more love into the world. Some of her great love lessons have come from her family: Her father advised her to date 100 people before marriage; her mother prescribed, "Never settle!"; her great-grandfather said, "Love is a choice. Each day you wake up and choose to love."; her grandmother cautioned her, "Be patient. Everything happens in its own time." Dorothy calls upon these lessons and more in helping her clients grow in life and love, believing it's the people we meet who help us become our best selves. Dorothy wants to help her clients choose love and to let go of fears.
Atena Shad is a matchmaking opportunist. She is a hopeful romantic, an active world traveler, a self-proclaimed geek, and a lover of the world around her. Through her travels, she's learned the importance of having meaningful connections and that love knows no borders. She knows that each date is an opportunity for you to not only explore potential matches but to also get to know yourself better. Her own interests are vast and varied, leading her to flow from late-night painting binges to break-of-dawn programming sessions. You can rest at ease knowing she will approach your matchmaking as both an art form and a science. She always wants to create moments of true happiness, where you're comfortable to love and feel loved. This is why she invites you to dive deep into your inner desires and shed any hesitations so that she can help you find your true happiness.
Cherie Buell believes in the magic of love. A passionate dreamer and bonafide hopeless romantic, she is determined to be your curator of amore. Cherie's desire to connect has been her strength both personally and professionally; she's genuinely curious about who you are. Cherie knows that quality of life is about aligning all parts of you, and she uses her background in aesthetics to promote both inner and outer beauty. Let Cherie foster you from the inside out, allowing you to dream without fear and love without limits. In the famous words of Humphrey Bogart, "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."
Leilani Pineda is no stranger to looking for and finding lasting connection. As a woman who is born and bred in New York City and has dated her way through it, she knows how tough the dating scene can be. She wants to be your guide through this exciting journey! Having had a career in media, she has worked with a plethora of personalities, has grown her network, and instinctively knows how to make successful connections. Her keen intuition has led her to incredibly rare friends and impeccable talent that has worked with her on projects that she has successfully executed through the years. She wants to help others find lasting connection, while fulfilling her personal goal to leave this world a little better than she found it through bringing people together in love. She's hoping that Oprah features her on Super Soul Sunday after she fulfills her goal of matching all of her clients because ... a girl can dream, right?
Krista Nugent is a fun-loving social butterfly who is fascinated by the human connection in all its forms. As an LGBTQ-friendly native New Yorker, Temple University alumna, and seasoned recruiter, she's well-adapted to connecting a diverse array of personalities and backgrounds, specializing in finding and fostering relationships where they're least expected. Her goal is to help you break down your walls and discover your deepest desires. If an empowering, romantic, adventure is what you're looking for, she'll be your tour guide!
Rachel Gaynes is a love-maker driven by a blend of destiny and hospitality. She lights the spark, fans the flame, and revels in the fireworks. Rachel got her start at age 14 as a wedding singer — amongst flowers and tulle — which she has since crafted into an eclectic career in music, marketing, journalism, and education. And yet, her proud passion is her master's in barstool psychology: Rachel is a sparkly fixture behind the bars of Chicago. With 10 years of chaperoning dates under her belt, she recognizes that some people need a touch of assistance for fate to take over. Rachel will handle the smallest details to make dating more romantic, nudging your stars into alignment. There'll be nothing left for you to do but be enchanted.
Leslie Bautista is your fun-loving, witty roommate in a rom-com classic. A true romantic through and through, she has a knack for connecting with people from all walks of life. Leslie's networks are heavily IRL, as she builds community (and matchmakes) across co-working spaces in Manhattan. She collects unique and captivating individuals, sending them on fresh dating experiences — and reveling in your enjoyment. A little bit of Leslie is all you need to spice up your love life!
Mira Sigal-Feldman believes genuine, honest, and romantic love exists out there for every individual. With a deep appreciation for meaningful relationships, Mira incorporates her degree in sociology and affinity for human connection with her professional background as a recruiter. Her capacity to connect with people and attention to detail make her a natural relationship concierge far beyond her home base of Philadelphia. Mira invites you to explore your passions and interests with her, so that she can absorb all of the essentials to curating your unique dating experience!
Danielle Koval can turn a simple life into la dolce vita. With a bachelor's in psychology and a constant curiosity, she's on a pursuit to bring love, laughter, and beautiful moments to others. Throughout her career, she has excelled in helping people in various capacities, including the medical field, hospitality, quality assurance, and education. Her personalized attention to one another's needs has been her legacy in every role. With a backbone built on compassion, integrity, and ingenuity, Dani will passionately work to put a smile on your face and an imprint on your heart.
Lauren McKenna picks up on all of the details that most people overlook. Call her a silent ninja: Before you know it, she's reading the odes scrawled across your heart walls. Lauren is motivated by the exploration of things you might normally shy away from and the discovery of parts laying dormant within you. Her mission: to dissolve facade and reveal each person's unique blend of soul-stirrings, heart-burning desires, and authenticity. With unwavering support, a good dose of playfulness, and a pinch of crudeness, you'll re-write the paradigm together — curating connections in alignment with what you desire and more importantly, what you're worthy of.
Fabiola Arias believes true love is possible for everyone. As an eveningwear and bridal designer, she takes a tailored approach to make sure your needs and desires are met. Fabiola uses the same listening, attention to detail, and follow-through required to make a stunning one-of-a-kind wedding dress when guiding you towards the relationship promised land. Fun fact: Fabiola was born in Cuba, raised in Miami, and after studying and working in Manhattan, now lives in New Jersey with her husband, whom she met at karaoke! Get ready for a fun and fabulously decorated dating experience!
Kaylan Curvey transmits a radiance felt across the state of Texas and beyond! Having a background in international hospitality, Kaylan aims to widen your horizon and move you into new dating terrain. It's her mission to introduce those around her to opportunity: new people, new places, and new feelings. One of her proudest accomplishments is creating Numinous Travel, an agency helping travelers discover the world by connecting to different cultures and ways of life. Whether acting as your helper, listener, shot of whiskey, or even that kick in the pants, she'll help you get out of your head and into your love journey.
Jourdan Boyd is a master at building community. Between volunteering overseas with forty colleagues to managing a large number of volunteers at her local church, Jourdan has perfected the art of seeing people for who they are and connecting them with others. Jourdan believes that authenticity mixed with laughter and a little spontaneity sprinkled on top is the recipe for a perfect date. She's ready to assist you in creating that magic!
Lauren Schott is a realistic optimist. She approaches life with a big smile and an understanding that life isn't perfect. There is beauty and something to learn in all that we experience. Lauren uses this mindset to approach her relationship-building, listening to your past experiences and present passions to get a true sense of who you are. Lauren appreciates the importance of shared values and interests, as they lay the foundation for a deep love and respect for your partner. Her desire is to bring happiness and the opportunity for real love to others, creating healthy relationships between special people.
Nadine Rose enjoys connecting the dots. While innovating within the corporate tech landscape, Nadine builds community through focusing on two ingredients: people and stories. Nadine asks important questions, delving in to the core of what's going on in your life to better understand your journey. She then draws connections based on points of authenticity — leaving her own mark on each love story. On her own time, Nadine's passions include exploring cities, eating delicious food, and baking. Ask her for a recipe recommendation or let her know what your favorite dating story is ... she'll eat it all up!
Holly McCusker believes love is the greatest gift you can receive in life. With a master's in education and twenty years of experience in the field, it has always been Holly's desire to help people in all aspects of their life. Overcoming major hurdles along her own journey has taught her the importance of seizing the moment and appreciating the simple pleasures that surround her. She is a soul-seeking agent who spends a lot of time running. It has been through these runs that she became truly self-aware of her needs and desires. Holly affirms that when seeking love, you must first understand your authenticity and recognize your unique desires. Here to listen and lean on, Holly is certain to help you uncover what you are looking for in a partner.
Angelina Chau is an architect for relationships. With a background in corporate management building teams and fostering synergy, she possesses exceptional analytical, problem-solving, and communication skills along with an innately strong work ethic. She left the conventional office to follow her passion for people, becoming a digital nomad and seizing every opportunity to interact with people from various backgrounds. As a believer in fate and happiness, she is committed to transforming your matchmaking process into a meaningful and glowing experience. Allow her to build your foundation on a magical journey of finding love.
Sheridan Labbe is a thrill-seeker. She is constantly testing new avenues to connect people: hosting events, traveling to new cities, networking online and offline ... the roads are infinite. With a background in marketing and leadership, Sheridan prides herself in being a diversified entrepreneur across industries; her endeavors share the common-thread of open communication. Communication is at the heart of her matchmaking approach, and she uses her interpersonal expertise to draw out the inner parts of you throughout the process. Fueled by the rush she gets from positive results, Sheridan looks forward to vicariously reveling in your dating adventures.
Kimberly Friedland believes that it's your birthright and true nature to love and be loved in return. She'll walk beside you as confidante, data scientist, and conjurer of serendipity to create the dates you desire. After leaving her job at Google, Kim spent a year studying how to maximize well-being in the digital age, with deep dives into counseling psychology, massage therapy, and meditation. She believes that deepening connection to others and to ourselves is the secret sauce to life. By approaching others with playful curiosity and using authenticity and vulnerability to create intimacy faster, we learn to send out sparks of love wherever we go and naturally attract what we most want. Come walk with me.
Caitlin Reilly will lead you in the dating dance with ease and plenty of pizzazz. She is bubbly, enthusiastic, and endlessly curious about what you want in a partner. As a queer social justice activist with a master's in social work from Columbia University, Caitlin has made it her life goal to break barriers and forge new paths toward greater love for self and each other. Her personal and professional endeavors have shown her the importance of remaining true to who you are and never settling for less. No matter where you are at in your journey, Caitlin believes that loving yourself first is the key to success. As her role model, RuPaul, says, "If you can't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?"
Rachel Parmet is an intuitive by nature. With a commitment to fostering genuine relationships, she believes staying true to yourself is the key to building a healthy foundation. Rachel values long term, deep connections and knows how to hone in on minutiae. In knowing your nuances, Rachel can then convey your best self to others. Her heightened communications skills and attention to detail served her well in her former career in marketing and public relations. Now using her strengths to impact lives on a personal level, Rachel wants to help you connect with how you feel and use those feelings to guide you through this journey.
Sarah Gould is passionate about the possibility of "happily ever after." An online love-connection success story herself, she is a true believer that everyone has someone out there and that finding them is merely a matter of logistics. With a background in corporate event planning, Sarah cultivates memorable experiences for her clients in a personalized way. She uses her exceptional listening skills and logical approach to problem-solving to support you along this journey. Her open, honest, always-be-yourself approach to life makes many feel that they've known her forever. The world of dating can seem intimidating, but with Sarah, you'll conquer it together ... and have a ton of fun along the way.
Jeena Yi has a passion for stories and storytelling. Her storytelling passion began as a child with her father taking her to the library every Saturday. There is where her deep love of figuring out what makes us so wonderfully human began. As an adult, her interest in stories brought her into the world of entertainment. Here is where she hopes to reflect back to audiences the intricate nature of our society through the medium of stories. Jeena loves meeting new people, understanding what makes them tick, and bringing their stories from the page to the stage. Her natural intuition and genuine empathy helps her clients to take what's on paper to the real stage of life. You are the star of your own story.
Kathy Choi has been mastering people connections since her kindergarten days (if you want proof, ask for her first report card). A California native who has lived extensively on the East Coast, she'll approach your love life with equal parts California cool and fast-paced GSD attitude. As a former teacher, partnerships lead, and management consultant, Kathy has extensive experience navigating relationships. Kathy uses her acquired taste, deep appreciation for craft beer, and penchant for unexpected foodie destinations to curate fantastic dating experiences for you. As part coach, part cheerleader, and part not-so-evil mastermind, she's ready to be your ultimate wing-woman.
Zahara Jade traveled to the far corners of the earth multiple times over in search of her truth. And yes, she found love too! Returning home with her soulmate by her side, Zahara now embraces others with the wisdom she gathered along her journey. A clinical psychologist by training, executive recruiter and jewelry designer by trade, Zahara has unique experiences that guide her to skillfully and intuitively match. Devoted to creating sparks, she understands the difference between an authentic, worthwhile connection and a time-waster. With Zahara, get ready to get real about yourself and life. She will work with you uncover what is truly important in your ideal match.
Constance Karcher is the quintessential people person, dreamer of dreams, and believer in magic. Intrigued by the human soul, she has the uncanny ability to find connection with most people she meets. She is an experience-collector at heart and knows that the joy of every experience is magnified by your connection with whom you share them. It's this perspective that drives her to create authentically shared dates between compatible people, with the ultimate goal of paving long-term relationships along the way. Constance aims to eliminate the guesswork out of the dating scene. So take a deep breath. She's ready to make your dating life easier!
Talia Cirangle is a self-love enthusiast who's committed to put YOU first. On a quest to bring out your best self, she is a proponent of deep life talks — ones where she can get a real read of you. Coming from the tech startup world, she's maintained a large network and loves to get people excited about new ideas and new people! After a solo trip to Southeast Asia, she's back in NYC and embracing the mantra "experience over everything." Let's get experiencing!
Sash Bischoff firmly believes that relationships are the best and most important part of life. A Princeton alumna with an industrious spirit, she's analytical and yet a true romantic at heart. As a theater director working on and off Broadway, Sash is an expert at understanding people and what makes them tick. She's honest, trustworthy, and compassionate, getting to the heart of what you want. There's little she loves more than relaxing over a cup of coffee or glass of wine, getting to know how you think and feel ... then setting you on a path to achieve it. Sash can't wait to help you on your journey to finding the most important relationship of all.
Tess Richie is your agent in the search for love. With a BFA in drama from NYU and a decade's experience in client-facing roles, Tess is quick to delve into your character and hone in on your needs. While closing deals in the housing market as a real estate agent, she has a reputation for producing results quickly and effectively. Tess thrives under pressure with a smile on her face, building strong bonds with her clients and meeting expectations consistently. The key to her success: her rare combination of empathetic sensitivity, creativity, and task-oriented drive. An old-soul romantic, she's eager to broker your love connection and unlock the door to your heart!
Shannon Shpak believes in the power of connection driven by a kismet force. She is certain that chances are worth taking, knowing that in one moment your entire life can be transformed. Shannon is a matchmaker, writer, and social media manager who loves people and words. She is a creative problem solver who is constantly thinking one step ahead. Shannon is passionate about uniting people together on a deeper level. She brings a fresh, relatable, and insightful perspective and has a desire to help you find love while building a friendship with you along the way. Trust the universe will do you right under Shannon's influence!
Stephanie Rieux is a wise soul with the intuition to connect with all sorts of personalities. She brings to her matchmaking a well-rounded background in teaching, sales, and events. An excellent communicator, Stephanie cares deeply for your needs and takes actionable measures to see results. She aspires to understand diversity in each unique personality and is dedicated to learning what desire means to you. Stephanie can't wait to plan memorable first dates and add more fun to your dating life!
Lacey Bauer found her Prince Charming through a Tawkify matchmaker, and now she wants to do the same for you! After many first-hand experiences, she knows that dating can be just as much wondrous as torturous, and yet, it is all worth it in the end when you meet a great match. Lacey's degrees in psychology and chemistry form a balanced combination that produces sane — yet simmering — connections. Her years of neuroscience research has prepped her well: She's ready to listen to your needs, learn your priorities, and delve deep to get to what truly matters. When not studying the compounds of X and Y chromosomes, Lacey enjoys walking her poodle mix, improving her golf game, and watching a high-scoring hockey match with her honey.
Breonna Williams knows that finding your fitting companion takes dedication to the process of dating. It can mean coming out of your comfort zone, trying new things, and considering people you may not have initially thought would "fit the bill." With timing playing a key factor in her own experience, she has had her fair share of frogs before finding a Prince Charming. Breonna uses her experience as an executive assistant to be a personal dating assistant — problem-solving, communicating effectively, and handling matters promptly. She approaches matchmaking as a friend and can't wait to find your next match!
Annie Kingston knows how you feel. It can be tough out there. We swipe left and right (but mostly left) without ever really allowing ourselves to dive any deeper. So she's here to help you take the plunge! Annie firmly believes that the kind of love we're all looking for is the one that inspires us to be the best version of ourselves. An enthusiastic traveler, she's spent the past decade discovering what makes her own heart happy and has traveled to over 55 countries along the way. An ex-flight attendant on both commercial and private jets, she's now a writer, blogger, and matchmaker who's dedicated to helping you write your own happily ever after.
Yandary Zavala campaigns for eligible people across the USA ... After all, she comes from the political arena! Having grown up in Utah, lived in DC for half a decade, and now residing in Salt Lake City again, she brings a bi-coastal perspective to her matchmaking. She has a knack for bringing awesome, like-minded people together in her own social circle, and the Tawkify community allows her to spread the love on a much larger scale. Yandary's matchmaking ambition is evident: She'd like to get to know you so well that you'll feel you picked your dates out yourself. And she's affirmed this for herself loud and clear: In 2017, Yandary is committed to learning how to ski, planning her summer wedding, and using her communications expertise to forever change lives!
Melissa Roy sees life as one big adventure and tries to squeeze every last drop out of it. Bitten by the travel bug at an early age, she hit her goal of visiting 100 countries and 7 continents by the age of 30. Now a global citizen of the world, she has no plans to stop until she's seen them all. Her ability to relate and connect with people from all walks of life makes her the perfect wing-woman to help you score a date. Armed with a degree in psychology from Pepperdine University, along with a commercial acting career under her belt, she is ready to do some deep soul analysis to make your inner self shine. Her childlike wonder and curiosity for love and human behavior makes her a lifelong seeker of truth, yearning to understand the human condition, to learn what really makes people tick. A recent transplant to the Big Apple from the City of Angels, Melissa wants to help busy hopeless romantics navigate the treacherous waters of dating in the city.
Brigitte Weil knows the recipe for sweet success. This former New York Times-acclaimed pastry chef turned sought-after food and weight loss coach has been writing and coaching about creating the lives we deeply crave for decades. Brigitte believes you can have it all, and she will inspire you to use the assets you already possess to let your beautiful self shine. Like any recipe, dating is perfected by trial and error; you must be open to new flavors and adventure, and sometimes take a chance. Brigitte's secret sauce is her tireless commitment to becoming an expert on you, along with her extensive coaching experience in turning dreams into reality. Brigitte is ready to whip up some fabulous experiences and create a delicious journey of your best beginnings and happiest endings.
Sydney Malawer is a sucker for a good love story and is honored to help her clients get started on their first chapter. After 7 years helping social startups successfully get off the ground, she brings that same strategic thinking and hustle to her clients in their search for love. It's Sydney's comforting presence and disarming demeanor that make working with her feel more like chatting with a close friend than engaging with a consultant while still getting the same top-notch service. When she's not curating awesome dates, you can find Sydney swooning after puppies, galavanting around South America, and studying Chinese medicine.
Courtney Fishman is an online dating specialist. She is also the author of "The Daternet," a book about online dating that has helped many struggling singles on their journey to find love. She herself has been through the gauntlet and was once referred to as "The Dating Queen" until she found and happily married her Prince Charming. Courtney's interest in romance is over 15 years strong. As an event coordinator for weddings, Courtney has witnessed and helped narrate incredible stories of soulmates. Her personal connection to her clients and genuine love for love shine through in her thoughtful matches. Courtney is there to hold your hand throughout this process as living proof that even when all seems lost or the odds are against you ... you never give up!
Paula Bukowinski is your love advocate. With the heart of a Latina, she has mastered the language of love: She's fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. She is a passionate communicator with a true knack for connecting people from different walks of life — nothing is lost in translation. Her vast experience in TV production, event planning, PR, and publicity has primed her with the networks and resourcefulness to guide you through this process. Paula will enchant you with her energy and make you feel at ease with the whole matchmaking process. She keeps it fresh and fun while successfully guiding you in accomplishing your dating goals. Paula's motto in life is "Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end." For her, not everything is drawn at random; sometimes you also need the magical touch from your love fairy!
Monique Spence is the fixer your dating life needs. She brings her thorough, no-stone-unturned, Olivia Pope, "It's Handled!" style to matchmaking. With an attentive, listening ear and a knack for using her intuition to identify what people really want, she's a proven expert at providing responsive advice on the dime! As a life coach, Monique works with men and women to teach them to love themselves so they can maintain a healthy, long lasting, and loving relationship. Working all over the country as an entrepreneur, she has a vast network she brings to the Tawkify community and a keen eye for compatibility. Her clients always say, "Mo Knows" ... and it's true! #MoKnows
Blakie Joyner is a Southern charmer with the spirit of a winner. Born and raised in Kentucky, where bourbon and basketball reign, she is uninhibited in her drive to find you a compatible match. Throughout her decade long career in HR, Blakie has successfully excelled in recruiting roles. Her passion for people is at her core, and she applies her recruiting talents to your personal life. Although she aims for a slam dunk with each date she curates, Blakie is equally prepared for the challenges that come throughout the dating game. Fiery and competitive by nature, she refuses to settle for anything less than winning. The bigger question is, are you ready to start winning in your love life?
Shayna Lee is a dating enthusiast who makes the most out of every chance encounter. A city girl through and through, she thinks fast, moves fast, and talks fast. Yet when it comes to love and making matches, she knows that the most quality courtships are those that are carefully cultivated with time and effort. For almost a decade, she has been manifesting her dreams in the Big Apple as a career coach and strives to help everyone she meets manifest theirs as well! Using her quick wit and analytical mind, Shayna assesses the inner needs and goals of people seeking to transform their dating trajectory. Shayna will work with you to get clear about the love life you want and then work tirelessly to identify matches where there is mutual compatibility and attraction. With Shayna as your matchmaker, you'll experience newfound motivation in your dating life. Rest assured!
Hanna Kohfeld is a lover of living life to the fullest and a believer in true love. Growing up in a small town, living in two major US cities, and studying abroad in two countries have given her the opportunity to meet and appreciate all types of folks. Hanna is able to adapt and connect with almost everyone she meets, crediting that to her exceptional listening skills. She approaches matchmaking with a combination of her strongest assets: a relentless pursuit to experience the human spirit, an endless desire to help people, and an intuition heightened through her years as a yoga teacher and meditation practitioner. You can rest assured that Hanna will do her best to understand who you are and what you are looking for to make this dating experience positive and meaningful.
Mikki Bey Crawford never met a stranger: She can make anyone a friend with her outgoing, bubbly personality. Mikki also knows a lot about dating! After being single for 10 years, she decided to take action. She embarked on a 100 dates in 100 days challenge — after all, it's a numbers game, right? The challenge didn't last long, but she never gave up the hope that "The One" would find her. Today, she is married, "bonus" mom to 14-year-old twin girls, and extremely passionate about helping people make meaningful connections that may lead to their versions of "happily ever after."
Jessica Kimmell is a realist with the soul of a romantic. A native of St. Louis, she has made Los Angeles her home for 15 years. An entrepreneur with a background in lifestyle PR, she spent nearly a decade handling media relations for high profile corporate clients, honing her ability to share their unique stories with a relatable spin. After experiencing the ups and downs of the dating world, she met her husband by infusing her pragmatic approach to love with emotional intelligence and tapping into her strong intuitive sensibility. Jessie enjoys connecting with people on a deep personal level and is excited to bring her compassionate, honest, and empathic approach your dating journey.
Dionna Smith is here to take the guesswork and stress out of dating and instead make dating what it is supposed to be: fun and full of memorable experiences! She has spent nearly a decade mastering the art of "finding a needle in a haystack." Dionna has been awarded Atlanta's 40 under 40 award by the Atlanta Business Journal for both her former success as head of global talent acquisition for a Fortune 300 company and as CEO of a recruitment and event planning tech startup. Dionna is also a frequent speaker and has appeared on-air and in print on NPR, CNN, Inc., Fortune, and Entrepreneur Magazine. She possesses a rare blend of creativity, sociability, and practicality that allows her to not only find great matches but to curate amazing blind dates that fit her clients' personalities and exceed their expectations!
Susan Tseng is a practical romantic. She understands that finding love is not easy, but the discovery can be fun and enlightening in the process. Susan has a BS in elementary education, motivated by a deep passion for psychology. She believes we are the product of our relationships, seeking others that feel familiar to us. Familiarity can come in different forms: common interests, lifestyles, preferences, and values. Susan has two tips for those embarking on this journey with her. (1) Love is a numbers game: The more chances you give yourself, the more successful you'll be. (2) Love is also honest: By sharing your true self, the easier it will be to find a compatible match. Let Susan initiate the conversation and help you make the first step toward love.

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